Baseball & Softball Managers and Coaches

Welcome Baseball & Softball Managers and Coaches!

Stilly Valley Little League teams are managed and coached by volunteers, typically parents of the players. Every team, from Rookies to Seniors needs one manager and at least two coaches. Managers and coaches must possess leadership ability and the know-how to work with young children. Training Little Leaguers in the fundamentals of teamwork, good sportsmanship and discipline should be the goals of all managers and coaches.

All managers and coaches are appointed by the President of Stilly Valley Little League and are subject to the approval by the Board of Directors. There is not seniority or tenure in serving as a manager or coach year to year.

Stilly Valley Little League provides training for all managers and coaches. In addition, all managers and coaches are encouraged to attend the player's clinics hosted by Stilly Valley Little League or District 1.
Please review our Coaches Guide HERE to fully understand the expectations of all Coaches in our GREAT League.

Email the safety officer at [email protected] to request a secured link to an online application provided by JDP. Links are individual, and can can only be used once. You will receive a confirmation email once your application is in process.  Please note you will need to provide your social security number, drivers licence number and current address. This application can be completed from a smartphone.
Email a clear well lit head shot for your volunteer badge

Alternately you can download and print a volunteer application to give to your coach or the safety officer directly. Please note this paper form needs to be completed with your social security number and address. You will also need to provide a copy of your drivers license. The hard copy will be entered by the safety officer, this may cause a significant delay in the timeline for completion of your application. Please email a clear photo for your badge or arrange to have one taken by a SVLL board member. 
After you have been cleared with a background check you will be issued a field access badge that MUST BE WORN when you participate in any SVLL games and events. This includes any interaction on the field, dugout, and bullpen, during practices, games or warm-ups. No access is granted prior to your receiving your current badge. 

Majors, Intermediate, Junior and Senior division Manager applications are due by the end of December. Rookies and Minors Division applications are accepted beginning in December and continue until all positions are filled at the start of the season.

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REQUIRED Manager Safety Training

District 1 and SVLL take player safety VERY seriously.
COACHES ARE REQUIRED to complete additional Safety Training. Free On-line Concussion and SCA(Sudden Cardiac Arrest) Training. When finished print out course completion certificate for your coaches binders. This free training is also great for Parents as well!

Concussion Training HERE

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training HERE

SVLL Coach Selection Process

As the Chief Administrator, the President selects and appoints managers, coaches, umpires and committees. As such, no person becomes a manager, coach, umpire or committee member without the approval of the President. However, all appointments are subject to final approval by the local league's Board of Directors.

Coach selection meeting involves the SVLL Board discussion of all registered coaching candidates. Presidential appointment and Board of Director approval is required for all coaching candidate approval.

Coaching candidates are then ranked and assigned teams according to number of teams required. Total number of teams per division is dictated by total participants registered in respective SB or BB Division of play.
Ranking is required to disposition occasions where we have more coaching candidates than we do teams for assignment.

Coaches will be notified prior to tryouts if they have been awarded team.

*Board of Director members requesting to coach must also be appointed by President and approved by Board of Directors.
*Board of Director members approved as candidate to coach are not involved in the coach ranking process for the division for which they are approved to coach.

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