Majors Division Softball

Majors Division ages 10-12: Players are selected by a DRAFT, the only guarantee for this division is 12 year olds. All 12 year olds MUST play in the Majors per Little League International rule. The team the players are drafted on is the team they will play on for the season. We can not accomodate schedules, practice days, times, locations or coach requests.
** Parents of players aged 10 and 11. If you would like your player to remain in the Minor Division, you MUST contact the appropriate player agent. The player agent is the only person who can make sure your request is granted. 10 and 11 year old players are available for the Major division draft unless a written request is given to the Player Agent prior to the start of try outs.

** Players must participate in at least 1 of the 2 preseason tryouts to be eligible for Post Season or All-Star play**

Parent Role

Parent volunteers serve as team manager, coaches, dugout coach, assistant during practices, Team parent, Concession Volunteer, umpire (when staff umpire not available), and other roles as may be identified by the team manager. Training is provided for manager or coaching positions.
Parents are expected to have their child at each practice and game on time, and communicate with the team manager when the child will be absent. Parents are strongly encouraged to practice with players at home to develop skills.

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