Rookies Division Baseball


Rookies is a developmental coach and kid pitch league for ages 6-8. There are no tryouts for this division. Players will be assigned to a team.

After registration, you will be emailed before the end of February with your team information. We will let you know what team you are on, when and where practice is, schedules, team colors, etc.

Rookie’s league is an inter-league play only division, meaning we only play the other Stilly Valley teams, so there will be no travel. All games and practices will be in the Arlington/Lakewood area. Expect practice to start the 2nd or 3rd week of March depending on your coach. The season will run through the first week of June.

What your player will need:

  • Mitt: Each player needs their own mitt. Size of mitt will vary depending on your player’s age and size. Size 10 ½ - 11 inch is most common. If you have questions about this, please ask your coach or shoot me an email.
  • Belts & Socks: Coaches have not yet been assigned team colors, so belts and socks will be determined by the end of March. Coaches will let you know about those items.
  • Pants: Gray baseball pants will be used by all teams this year. It is up to your player what they are most comfortable in, a knicker style or a long pant style. Please make sure pants have loopholes for belts.
  • Bats: The league provides each team with several bats to play with. It’s very normal to use league provided bats at this age. If your child prefers their own bat, please make sure it is USA Baseball approved and size appropriate.
  • Batting helmet: It is suggested to each player that they provide their own batting helmet. There will be communal batting helmets for each team as well.
  • Hats and jerseys will be provided by SVLL.
  • It is highly suggested that players wear baseball cleats. Depending on youth foot size this may be hard to find if your player is under a size 1. If they are, then wearing a soccer cleat works great, these are usually easier to find.
  • Players should come to practice dressed in casual athletic clothes and ready to be athletic and get dirty. Dressing in layers is something I suggest to my players as well, as temps vary in the early part of the season.
  • Baseballs: All SVLL Rookie teams play with a Level 5 Safety ball. This ball is a softer ball between a t-ball and a traditional baseball. These balls are made with a synthetic leather cover and poly center. They offer a softer feel than a traditional baseball, and make it less likely for injury through errant throws or bad hops. Only Level 5 Safety balls will be used for practice and play, if your child has other balls, please leave them at home.
  • Masks: Stilly Valley Little League will comply with Snohomish County mask rules. At this time players are not required to wear masks for outside play. If you are more comfortable with your player in a mask, please provide one for them at practice and games. If this changes at any time during the season, your coach will provide you with further information.

Each of our coaches will use positive reinforcement to develop basic baseball fundamentals and above all to ensure that each player’s introduction or continued play into organized baseball is FUN! Our goal this year is for your player to have a great season and want to play next year!

Depending on age of Pitcher, mound is 35ft or 40ft with 60ft bases

Please see Rookie Baseball League Rules for further info.**

Parent Role

Parent volunteers serve as team manager, coaches, dugout coach, assistant during practices, Team parent, Concession Volunteer, umpire (when staff umpire not available), and other roles as may be identified by the team manager. Training is provided for manager or coaching positions.
Parents are expected to have their child at each practice and game on time, and communicate with the team manager when the child will be absent. Parents are strongly encouraged to practice with players at home to develop skills.

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