League Structure

Stilly Valley Little League has been supporting the youth of our community since 1971. The league is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization lead by an elected Board of Directors that administer the league in line with established by-laws and International Little League policies and procedures. Hundreds of additional volunteers assist by coordinating divisions of play, organizing events (such as fundraising, Stilly Gear, uniforms, etc.), concessions and coaching.

Stilly Valley Little League Baseball and Softball offers six levels of play: Rookie; Minors; Majors; Intermediate; Juniors and Seniors. Rookies through Majors Baseball and all levels of Softball play on a 60-foot diamond. Intermediate Baseball Division plays on a 70ft diamond and 50ft pitching distance. Junior and Senior baseball play on 90-foot diamond.

Stilly Valley Little League and Little League Baseball and Softball Incorporated has established age cutoffs to ensure players develop appropriately in terms of skills, knowledge, and sportsmanship. Rules and pitching levels are scaled to the age and ability of the players.

Play and pitching rules dictated by the current Little League rule book.

Our Mission Statement

The objective of Stilly Valley Little League shall be to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of great sportsmanship, honesty, courage, and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be great, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens. This objective is in direct compliance with the mission of Little League, Inc.

To achieve this objective, Stilly Valley Little League will provide a supervised program under the rules of Little League Baseball, Incorporated. All Directors, Officers and Members shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games is secondary. The molding of future citizens is of prime importance.

The Board of Directors, volunteers elected by the membership of our league, provides the leadership of the league. The board meets regularly, throughout the fall, winter, and spring months to plan and oversee the league operations.

Why Choose Stilly Valley Little League?

Community. Stilly Valley Little League provides baseball and softball programs for the youth of our community. Stilly Valley Little League strives to develop the players into quality citizens of our community through the avenue of baseball and softball instruction.

Everyone Plays. The structure of Little League provides for the opportunity of all youth in our community to participate in our program. Rookies and Minors level Baseball and Softball programs provide instructional play for all skill levels. Major, Intermediate, Junior and Senior divisions provide competitive play with advanced skill level of instruction.

Safety. Safety is the MOST IMPORTANT principle in Little League. All volunteers must submit to criminal and sexual background checks. Quick release bases are required for game play, designed to reduce injury during base running. Baseball pitch count rules, based on independent research, protect the development of young arms. New bat regulations are founded in research which identifies bats that maintain the BTF factor during use, additionally provide a safer environment for our players.

Affordable. Stilly Valley Little League is committed to managing the cost to the players who participate in our programs such that they are affordable to all. Community sponsorships off-set the operational costs of the program. Scholarships provided funding for those experiencing financial difficulties.

Local Sponsors